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7 Tips For Handling A Narcissistic Boss

By Jacquelyn Smith

Have you ever tried talking to your manager about a project, only to have her cut you off to tell you about the award she won years ago? Do meetings feel like a one-man show starring your boss? Does she constantly try to one-up you and your colleagues?

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Dealing With a Boss You Don’t Respect

By What's For Work?

You have finally landed that dream job in the perfect company you have always hoped for. Or, you have been in the same office for years and you know the ins and outs of the entire department. You await meeting your new manager. Things are all rosy and rainbows, you are excited and full of anticipation; that is, until you meet “The Boss”. And suddenly, the rainbows disappear and off come the rose colored glasses. Your boss is not what you had hoped for. In fact, “The Boss” is someone you don’t have respect for, at all. What do you do now?

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Equal Pay Day - Earning Your Fair Share

By Teri Hockett

Today, is Equal Pay Day. This day has been recognized for 18 years now, and the most unfortunate part is that it's likely to continue for decades to come. “The Institute for Women's Policy Research found that at the current rate of "progress" the gender pay gap won't close until 2058 -- a date so far in the future that even most millennials will already be retired.” Linda Hallman writes in her Huffington Post article 7 Things to Know This Equal Pay Day.

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6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Honest In Your Exit Interview

By Jacquelyn Smith

At some point between giving your two weeks notice and your last day, your employer will likely ask you to meet with HR for an exit interview.

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13 Things Successful People Do During Their Lunch Hours

By Jacquelyn Smith

Do you typically spend your lunch hour scarfing down an unhealthy meal at your desk? Maybe you run out for a quick bite but keep your eyes glued to your smartphone. Or perhaps you just skip lunch altogether.

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13 Things You Should Do On Your Commute Instead Of Playing Candy Crush

By Jacquelyn Smith

Your daily trip to and from work doesn't have to be a complete waste of time. Experts say with some strategic planning you can easily use your commute to recharge and boost productivity.

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Why Aren’t Women Getting Paid What They’re Truly Worth?

By What's For Work?

Women earn less than men.  We know that.  And in the corporate world it’s explained with talk of discrimination and glass ceilings.  But what about those in the service industry where consultants, designers, trainers, coaches, or other professionals are setting their own pricing – why do women still earn less in this marketplace?

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19 Things You Should Do On Your First Day Of Work

By Jacquelyn Smith

The first day at your new job may be among the most memorable — and perhaps stressful — of your career.

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The Buzz

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Marin Women and Money Conference 2014

Teri spent a wonderful day with Debbie Choy, CEO of MenMuu and regular blogger on What's For Work?, at the Marin Women and Money Conference on April 12, 2014.
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NFIB California Day at the Capital

Teri was honored to have heard Governor Pete Wilson speak at the NFIB California Day at the Capital on Tuesday, April 9, 2014. With John Kabateck and Judy Lloyd. NFIB is The Voice of Small Business.
Buzz Image

Have You Outgrown Your Job?

Super excited to be quoted in the US News, added bonus was the article getting picked up by Yahoo News!
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SF Career Management CEO Shares Advice On The Local Job Market

Honored to be featured on KPIX CBS San Francisco Bay Area!
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Courageous Women Association Employment Workshop Graduation

I am honored to be speaking at the Special Graduation Ceremony, on Saturday, April 5, 2014 , held for the 75 disadvantaged women and men who've graduated the Courageous Women Association's 5 week Employment Workshop SeriesSan Pablo Councilmember Cecilia Valdez, SF Councilmember David Campos, Stockton Councilmember Dyane Burgos Medina, and Berkeley Councilmember Maxwell Anderson, will all speak and our Bay Area's own Award Winning Jazz Musician Ric Alexander will perform! Our Keynote will be Motivational Speaker and CEO of What's For Work? Teri Hockett.
Buzz Image

Celebrating at the Powerful Women of the Bay!

Enjoying the Powerful Women of the Bay Luncheon on March 27, 2014 with business and political leaders. With Italina Kirknis, Lewis Brown Griggs, and Toni Beckham.
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Tibay Trans4orm Magazine

Struggling with your goals? Take control in 6 Steps, by Teri Hockett (CEO, What's For Work?) on Pages 5-7.  Click the photo link on the left, and then click on the digital magazine to expand and read.

Buzz Image - A Career Management Community for Women Changes The Game

A new website is now available that empowers women to take control of their career, whether they are employed or not, while bridging the gap between personal and professional relationships via social media engagement.

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When You Realize The Job Isn't A Good Fit Halfway Through The Interview

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Belle of the Ball

Our CEO, Teri, was honored to speak over the weekend at the Belle of the Ball; a yearly collaborative event hosted by WHW, Orange Coast College, Orangewood Children's Foundation Fan Page and Girls Inc. of Orange County. This event provides low-income, at-risk teens and foster youth a day of no cost pre-prom shopping and image consulting, along with essential self-empowerment workshops focused on self-image and body awareness, personal branding and make-up applications which showcase natural beauty concepts. Since 2007, Belle of the Ball has served over 1,000 at-risk teens throughout all of Orange County!
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10 Unconventional (But Very Effective) Tips For Job Seekers

Teri Hockett from What's For Work? contributes to another great Jacquelyn Smith article 10 Unconventional (But Very Effective) Tips For Job Seekers on Forbes
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10 Things To Do On A Slow Day At Work

Check out Jacquelyn Smith's article 10 Things To Do On A Slow Day At Work by Forbes featuring Teri Hockett from What's For Work?
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San Francisco Business Times Book of Lists party

President and Publisher of San Francisco Business Times, Mary Huss (center) and What's For Work? member Cheryl Liquori (right) networking and sharing a little holiday cheer at the Annual Book of Lists party held at the Diablo Country Club.
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How to Start Thinking About A Career Change

Check out another great article by Jacquelyn Smith, Forbes Staff - How To Start Thinking About A Career Change featuring insights and advice from Teri Hockett (CEO, What's For Work?).

Is it time for a career change?
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The Dos and Don'ts of Job Searching While You're Still Employed

The Dos and Don'ts of Job Searching While You're Still Employed by Forbes featuring Teri Hockett (CEO, What's For Work?).
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How to Deal With Favoritism in the Office

Forbes interviewed Teri Hockett (CEO, What's For Work?) on How to Deal With Favoritism in the Office.
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Paragon Outlets Livermore Valley Job Fair

Employers came with lots of jobs and lots of job candidates arrived to find jobs. Even better news is that many found jobs. As you can see a good day for all!
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Paragon Outlets Livermore Valley Job Fair

The What's For Work? team had a great time volunteering at the Livermore Valley Job Fair. Helping out with lines, carrying chairs and many others things needed to make an event like this go as smoothly as it did.
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Ultimate Women's Expo

New friends, excitement as everyone is getting ready to spend two full days at the expo getting pampered and empowered at the same time. Another successful day of multitasking for 20,000 plus women.

Real Members ~ Real Stories

Employed By Life Got Me the Job Offer

Jana Lannen  United States | California

Hi Teri. I hope you are doing well. I wanted to share my great news with you, I got a job offer! In the past two years I was a “stay-at-home” mom, taking care of my little son which created a gap on my resume. Before I met you at SFPCN, I had a few interviews, but every time there was the question: “So, what have you been doing these past two years?” My answer was: “I was taking care of my baby.” That answer always sounded to the hiring managers like “I just took 2 years off and enjoyed myself on the beach”. Nobody understood that taking care of a little baby is harder than going to work. Their response was that they decided to continue interviewing more experienced candidates or there was no response at all. I didn't know how to close this “gap”. When I heard you giving a speech at SFPCN and telling your phrase “I was employed by life”, I knew that this is the right answer. I started to network and attended a PMP certification class, so I had a perfect foundation for the “gap” question. My new answer was: “I was employed by life; moving from overseas, taking care of my son and improving myself by taking a PMP certification class, so I am prepared to join the job market again.” It seemed like this was the right answer, because it didn't discourage anybody to continue interviewing me…and I landed my new job. Thank you Teri, you are a big inspiration for me. 

Organized, Thinking Clearly, Employed

Cheryl Liquori  United States | California

“Luck favors the prepared.” ~ Edna Mode, Fashion Designer to Super Heroes

You could say that What’s For Work? is a lucky place to be.
All the possibilities of finding the work you love (or the work you just 'like' because that’s enough for now) are available within What's For Work?.

It happened for me.

As someone who hadn’t been in a job-search mode for well over a decade, I was overwhelmed, intimidated and downright scared. My first inclination was to jump into updating my resume, something I was not looking forward to doing. I had a vague idea of what kind of job I wanted (kinda-sorta-maybe). And I didn’t know who I wanted to work for (I have a choice?!).
I didn’t feel confident at all, and didn’t know how to begin.

Enter What’s For Work?

They helped me get organized, and really think clearly about creating a work situation I really wanted. They provided a path to follow that helped me approach my job search in a logical step-by-step manner. I really needed that.

The structure was invaluable -- it helped me feel settled, productive and finally in control of the job hunting process.

The Carlisle Collection finds 2 Great Candidates

Debra Constantine  United States | California

I am so excited. On my first full day as an Employer on What's For Work?, I sent 3 messages out around 4:00 pm, and heard from two great candidates within 30 minutes! Can't tell you how thrilled I am with the response.

District Manager, The Carlisle Collection

Not only did I survive, I thrived!

Carrie Crossley  United States | Oregon

I faced my first ten person panel interview, but because I used the Interview Worksheet tool to prepare I quickly became at ease and was able to work my way through the interview. At the end I asked the key "ideal candidate question" and the lead interviewer quipped, "I think we just interviewed her!"

Thank you What’s For Work? you made the daunting manageable.

I highly recommend What's For Work? to every woman

Kim Rondon  United States | California

I have spent months on countless job search engines watching my resume go into an abyss. Recently, I was introduced to Registering was quick and easy. After going through the site and all it has to offer, from the resume builder to the forums, video tutorials, and my own place to blog, is a perfect fit for me - a mother of two who is going back into the workforce after a dozen years. I am looking forward to a continued relationship with this company and its community. I highly recommend it to every woman looking not just for a job, but a career, and beyond

I found my dream job

Rhonda Beatty-Gallo  United States | California

I found my dream job. What’s For Work? provided me the opportunity to join others in networking, job search, building relationships, and so much more! It complements Dennis Thompson's "Four Degrees" methodology while providing virtual space for organizing my work, and connecting with real people and contacts that will strengthen my efforts. Relationships are everything in the professional arena, and "What's for Work" has opened a fantastic venue to maximize that while providing support, help and work space. I look forward to discovering all that "What's for Work" offers and making many more rewarding relationships.

I'm Having Fun and Engaging Members

Jessica Weatherford  United States | California

Thank you so much - I'm having even more fun than I thought I would getting our Marble Arch Consultants profile filled out, engaging members of the What's For Work? community. It's going to be a great tool for me and my company!

President Marble Arch Consultants

I was lost when it came to writing a resume

Kristen Ravenstad  United States | California

What's For Work gave me a professional looking resume format with explanations, ideas and guidelines along the way. I now have a beautiful resume which I am proud to present. There are great tools to coach me through the interview process as well, so that I know I will be fully prepared and confident once I get my face time!

I was so surprised!

Tarryn Hicks  United States | Oregon

Let's be real I thought this website was going to be like all those other job career websites that ask you to fill out a profile but nothing ever comes of it. I was so shocked (obviously can't say that enough). As soon as I filled out my entire profile, I got a connection offer from a financial advising firm! I just graduated with a finance degree, and finding a job that you are passionate about but also is within your field is extremely difficult even with a college degree. I immediately got into contact with him and am currently working on setting up an interview date with his firm!

This website truly was created with your best interests in mind. I personally know two of the founders, but I was blown away by its potential. So in conclusion, my advice to you--fill out your profiles! Job hunters are just around the corner!

Unique Interview Strategy that Works!

Terry Richards  United States | California

The Interview worksheet is like nothing else out there, to begin with, the strategy is unique and it works! Plus, there is tons of help including video demonstrations of exactly what to say and how and when to say it. But the best thing is that I can review any part I want as many times as I need to before each interview.